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This pet containment system is approved by vets.

It is a radio fence not an electric fence.

Not just a dog fence, cats and other animals too.

Petsafe Professional stress free training.

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Dry Conn Waterproof Connectors (10) - £ 10.00

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DryConn Waterproof Connectors

pack of 10

DryConn Waterproof Connectors can be used wherever moisture or corrosion exists. The unique twist-on connector is pre-filled with silicone sealant to make it simple to waterproof splices and protect against corrosion. The product is easy to install, and eliminates the need for using time-consuming products like heat shrink, tape, mastics and corrosion kits. The products are available for Outdoor/Irrigation, Outdoor/Electrical, Direct Bury and Low Voltage usage.

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Manufacturer: Dryconn
Category: Spare Parts