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What is Freedom Fence.

Freedom Fence™ is a system for keeping pets within the boundary of a property without the need to install and maintain an unsightly and extremely expensive traditional fence.

The concept was introduced in America more than twenty years ago and over a million pets now benefit from it.

The Freedom Fence™ is a training system which, because pet behaviour is usually easy to condition, succeeds in substituting a psychological boundary for a physical one.


Dogs, Cats, and other Animals.

The skill of the engineers in miniaturising the receiver to such an extent that it measures just 55x23x24mm and weighs only 54gms (approx 1.90zs), including the microprocessor and batteries, means that a Freedom Fence™ can now happily be used to keep your cats safely within your property as well as your dogs.

There are differences, of course, between cats and dogs and special instructions regarding both installation and training are provided with the kit.


How it Works

A wire is laid around the perimeter of the property or chosen area and is either buried a couple of centimetres underground or attached to existing fencing. A transmitter sends a low power, low frequency radio signal continuously around the wire which acts as an aerial.

Your pet (or pets - there can be any number of them on the same system) wears a tiny battery-powered receiver on his collar which picks up a coded signal from the wire. When the pet comes within the signal range (adjustable from 2m/6ft to over 5m/15ft) , he hears a continuous warning beep from the receiver which he must learn to obey.

If he ignores the warning - as he may just a few times at the beginning - he receives a correction similar to the static electricity sometimes experienced from a car door or lift button.

The correction doesn't harm him at all, but it startles him and he doesn't want to repeat the experience.

Most pets are trained within a week or so, and everyone can then begin to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom Fence™.



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