Freedom Fence - Quality

Our Guarantee.

We are proud of our products and we want them to give you, your pets, your neighbours and your fellow road-users many years of enjoyment.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the performance of your Freedom Fence ™, then, provided that you retum the full system to us within THREE MONTHS of purchase, you will receive a full refund. Please note that installation and wire costs cannot be refunded.

If either the transmitter or receiver cease to function, through normal wear and tear, we shall replace the unit without any charge within their warranty.


Assistance with Training.

The Freedom Fence™ is a training system, and it is important that our step-by-step procedures are followed if the psychological boundary for your pet is to be established. If you do have any difficulty, our Customer Services Department and your Professional Installer Dealers will help.


Our Service

Freedom Fence™ sets out to provide a very high quality of service to all its customers, from the initial enquiry through until long after the sale has been made.

Our friendly and helpful team are more than happy to answer questions and give advice.

We want your ownership of a Freedom Fence™ to be a happy experience for you and your pets.

Our Value

In addition to its many other attributes and advantages, the Freedom Fence™ brings you tremendous value for your money. Thanks to the advanced technology (even the receiver has a mini-computer inside!) which has been developed in America, prices are remarkably low.


It's not just the low cost of buying a Freedom Fence™ that is attractive, there's also the low cost of maintaining a Freedom Fence™ - just a nominal sum for batteries and electricity.

Local Professionals

We pride ourselves on the quality of service which we provide and have more than 30 Professional Installer Dealers, who cover all parts of the country. All have been trained by Petsafe™ to advise on every aspect of the system. They will visit you free of charge and without obligation to: